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Small Business, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, and Nanotechnology
By Kris Weeks

Does that seem like an odd title to you? Well, wait until you hear this! Did you know the country’s first National Nanotechnology Manufacturing Center is located in La Vie’s back yard, right here in Swainsboro, Georgia? It’s true! The Center needs companies to step up and “adopt” technologies and turn them into products and produce those products right here in Georgia. So, who should adopt? Small, young entrepreneurial companies are very viable candidates. Emerging nanotechnologies from university research centers and national laboratories need a home… need to be turned into products and given a “ride” into the marketplace. That is a job tailor made for small, entrepreneurial businesses. A wonderful opportunity for Georgia, indeed! But have you ever considered how spiritual business really is and how it has been otherwise conceived?

In order to bring something new into existence someone has to bring something across the “dividing line” between that which is spiritual and that which is physical. While a product is in “pipe dream” stage, it is yet unformed and certainly not able to produce income or resolve any human needs – except for the human need of pipe dreaming itself (which is a very real need for an entrepreneur… as much as practicing the piano is a need for a concert pianist).

These new concepts need to descend into existence and pick up tangible definition through a process of determination. Each stage of determination moves the product one step closer to successful launch. After launch the product is turned out to perform and hopefully become a success on its own merits. It is at this phase the product is said to take on a life of its own.

All the effort, resources, and time which the organization supplies to “ready” the product for successful launch is much like the solid fuel boosters, gantry, and thousands of support systems which NASA uses when launching the space shuttle and its few astronauts into space. The shuttle can not launch itself successfully anymore than Nanotechnology can form and launch successful products on its own.

Big or Small? The temptation today is to think that a big organization (like NASA) is necessary to get sophisticated Nanotechnology products off the ground. But, business is not rocket science and does not need to follow the example NASA has established. In fact, it would be a disaster to emulate their model. Business, particularly small, start up businesses follow a spiritual process, really; a life process if you prefer, much more closely emulating the process the universe uses when it creates – this process can be seen throughout the universe, today. If you are interested, read The Reflexive Universe, by Arthur Young.

Who Cares? Business is both practical and spiritual in nature. Often times, laws are burdensome and present added difficulty to a start-up business because the government is trying to prevent a poison apple from escaping. Regardless of the number and complexity - laws are a fact of life. Entrepreneurs are usually in sync with the marketplace, not the latest IRS or EPA regulations. Who helps them? Nonetheless, all aspects are important. Somebody has to care for the business and make sure it has what it needs to live. That primary responsibility rests with the owner. You see, caring is a kind of love and as such - it is very spiritual. It is a core principle of good business.

If you see a clean car going down the road, one that is detailed – you rightfully assume that somebody cares for that car… for if the car were left open to the elements, it would be faded and ratty looking. In the metaphor, the “business” is the “vehicle” which carries the product. A good business has been cared for. It doesn’t merely “happen”. The product it carries (be it food, clothing, services, etc.) is something which people need and is really quite distinct from the company. So, caring for the business creates a great vehicle – one capable of bringing the product to its intended marketplace and resolve a need.

Who Needs It? There is no need for a business organization if there is no product. So one might think that The Product is the primary focus; however, there is no reason for a product which people do not need or want. So, you see, need/want is more fundamental. Need is a deeply spiritual aspect and of extreme importance to business.

This is why I say that business is spiritual due to its direct link to its purpose – to bring solutions which meet needs. If management ignores the spiritual nature of the marketplace, the human aspects of the organization, and the “life” the product is intended to uplift, then that business will be short lived – and rightly so. Life is what is being lived right now – not in some theoretical or elitist version of Shangri-La. Business is a now endeavor, a mechanism to bring action and specifics together to resolve problems.

Is It the Right Time? Because life forces humans to grow and change - their conscious awareness changes as well. This means their perception of their own need changes accordingly. Thus, business is forced to constantly change; because imbedded into its process is its response to human need. This means, regardless of “the state of the economy” it is ALWAYS a good time to launch a timely business. Thank God! A built in solution to recession – a check for $700? No! Innovation! It comes just at the right time!

I am always amazed in the spring… these fat, furry caterpillars show up JUST when the new, tender leaves emerge from the trees. Neither a week too early nor a week too late! Months earlier, if you were small enough to get inside the tree, you would have noticed provisions being laid up for next spring’s emergence of growth. Then, a week or two before the leaves, the daylight hours would trigger an increased flow of “tree blood” tenderizing the bud and bringing nutrients to its leaves so they can emerge. And somehow, as if on cue, the caterpillars arrive to perform their version of a live eating machine.

Well, nanotechnology development has been underway, but mostly out of sight, for more than 10 years. But, recently, there is an increased flow of technology as it is maturing. Some of it is ready to bud, to emerge. Some of the needs it will address in the future are not even apparent to us, today. But, if we do not maximize our ability to create success today, our tomorrow will not be as good as it could have been. Man’s dreams of today are an integral part of the process of creating a better quality of life for his tomorrow. But to materialize, these dreams must come forward and become business. A proven process for getting dreams out of man’s heart, into his head, and then into the marketplace is needed.

Kill or Be Killed? What if we approached business in a more spiritual way instead of assuming it always works on “the law of the jungle – Kill or Be Killed!”? Little wonder so many new companies fail! There needs to be an atmosphere friendly towards success… a more spiritually honest way of dealing with entrepreneurs and meeting their needs (certainly those involved in bringing nanotechnology products to market).

Nanotechnology breakthroughs have been paid for by our tax dollars. Billions of them. We should not let entrepreneurs fend for themselves nor leave these breakthroughs on university shelves and wait until tremendous need is upon us before we organize into action. Waiting is not wise.

Go or Wait? One of the reasons there is tremendous need in the world is because men have ignored their creative abilities and “waited” for someone else to take care of them… Historically, men abrogate their responsibility to participate in the creative process – they wait for God to push them, or bring it to them all figured out, or wait for their government or benevolent king to bring a good future to them… but the result of this “waiting” has been generational suffering.

Look around you: Where is God? Who is the government? Who comes up with great solutions? Still not sure? Go look in a mirror. You would not be here if you were not needed. The novelty which you represent is a one-time gift to this generation. Lets get a more spiritual process in place for doing business – and let the creativity roll!

The National Nanotechnology Center needs people to step up and “adopt” technologies and turn them into products and produce those products right here in Georgia… so in the words of Oscar Poole: “Let’s Get Together!”

             If you want to get together, callme: Kris Weeks,


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