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A Note from the Publisher

Oscar Poole is certainly one of the hidden mysteries of the conservative movement today. His refreshing outlook and solutions proposed are what is desperately needed from local school governments to Washington, D.C. He has maintained the true conservative philosophy that has been lost on most media bloviators and mouthpieces of the Republican Party.

His views, if immediately embraced, could be the saving grace for the GOP and the entire conservative movement. History supports the true conservative philosophy and is the reason that conservative Democrats held rule over the South for over 100 years. It was not the party, but the philosophy of conservative, limited, and restrained government.

TGS would probably be considered a liberal publisher, because the media thinks they must label everyone and everything into identifiable camps, thus aiding and abetting the political parties to divide and conquer the people of America.

Having had several conversations with Oscar Poole during the development of this book, I find there is little difference in his conservative goals and my so-called liberal goals. Additionally, our approach to solutions is virtually the same. As small business owners, we both identify such things as NAFTA and GATT as major obstacles to free and fair trade WITHIN THE USA. Both of us oppose big business corporations ruling over the entire financial and economic world, through the power of money, greed, and corruption.

the people are RIGHT,
the parties are WRONG
the government is WRONG.

So in the conservative movement and the GOP there really is ONLY ONE OSCAR POOLE that is speaking out against the abuses of the entrenched over-reaching government interference in our lives and businesses. In the world of Georgian BBQ, again THERE IS ONLY ONE OSCAR POOLE.

Liberal or Conservative you ve got to meet the one and only Oscar Poole and let his common sense open your eyes to common ground and viable solutions to repair America.

L. Savage
TGS Publishing --TGS Publishing

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